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How We Hire

Hologic lab employees walking in a lab

Potential Unleashed

The Passion of our teams fuels our mission. Together we can realize our Purpose and deliver on our Promise by seeking out and unlocking the untapped Potential within us. Knowing that our success relies on the talents we hire, means that we also recognize that to attract the best talent we need to provide the best experience. Which is why we made it our mission to be transparent about how we hire and to simplify how talent interacts with us, starting right at the application process.

Here is an idea of what you can expect:

  • We have created several ways that you can search for your ideal position - be it keyword search, location or even job family there is an option to suit your preference.
  • Once you have found an interesting role, applying could not be simpler. All you need to do is add your name and email address and then upload your resume. You can do this by adding a saved resume or with your LinkedIn or Indeed profiles if you have them.
  • Our system will then take all the information from your resume and create your profile.
  • The last thing you will need to do is to check your email and confirm your identity. That is it!
  • Now you have a candidate profile with us and your very own portal from which you can see where your application is up to.
  • Should you want to apply for further positions, you do not need to re-register just add in the email address you originally applied with and you are all set.

Once we have received your application, we will start our selection process, this will involve:

1. Talent Assessments

We are looking for the best talent and we know that the best talent can come from anywhere. Our talent assessments allow us to predict the probability of your success in the role you are applying to free from unconscious bias of gender, race, age, background or even personality. The assessments are delivered in the form of a timed online quiz and typically take around 30 minutes to complete.

2. Telephone Screen

If your talents, or application in the instance where we do not have an assessment in place, matches with what we are looking for, one of our Candidate Experience Coordinators will get in touch to arrange a time for you to chat with someone from the Hiring team. This could be your Talent Acquisition Partner or the Hiring Manager. These calls give us the opportunity to understand what strengths and experiences you have and how they would match to the role but, they also allow you to hear directly from our teams and leaders why Hologic is an amazing place to be.

3. Interviews

(may require multiple rounds)

Based on the outcome of our initial round, be it phone screen and /or the online assessment, the next step is to chat (or meet) with our hiring team. These interviews are your (and our) chance to see if your drive, ambition, ability and experience are the right fit for the role and team. And to make sure that your selection experience with us runs smoothly, we have a dedicated candidate experience team who will guide you through every step.

4. Decision and Offer

Once we have completed our selection process your Talent Acquisition Partner will now let you know if you have been selected to join Hologic, or not. If at this time the hiring team doesn't feel you are a fit for the role, please do not be too disappointed. You might be the right fit for a future opening, so please sign up for job alerts and keep in touch. Either way you can be sure that you will be given solid constructive feedback for you to build on next time.

Reference Check

If we move to offer with you the next and last step is to collect your references. All offers are made on the provision of satisfactory references being returned. We will not contact your references until you have accepted the job with us.

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